The 15 Best Offline Music Player Apps for Android

Are you worn out of streaming songs? While it is convenient, streaming also eats up your cellular details and can be a discomfort if you very own plenty of digital songs. Quick Links If you’d like to take pleasure in offline songs on your cellular phone, there are loads of terrific apps for this objective. […]

Do More With Your Android Phone: 70+ Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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How to Remove, Change, and Set Default Apps in Android

Chances are that you want certain apps on your Android phone to handle specific actions. This is where default apps come in: they allow you to choose what browser, SMS service, email client, and other apps open when you load related content. We’ll explain everything you need to know about default apps in Android, including […]

20 Common Android Problems Solved

Advertisement Android is reliable, stable, and resistant to malware, but it’s not perfect. When problems arise, you can fix most issues with a few simple Android troubleshooting tips. This guide covers common Android phone mobile problems and easy solutions for them. Note that depending on your phone and Android version, these steps might vary slightly […]

How to Run Linux on Android Devices

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably used Linux before, and know that it works on almost any piece of hardware. Meanwhile, you’ve got a phone in your pocket, and you know it’s versatile. So can your Android phone run Linux? Yes, it can. Here’s what you need to know about running Linux on your Android […]

10 Free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones

Changing your mobile ringtone is one of the best ways to personalize your phone, but many people don’t bother to swap out the default ringtone on their devices. How many times have you heard the default iPhone ringtone in public and mistakenly thought it was yours? Thankfully, you have thousands of free possibilities for downloading […]