Essential Tips for a Winning Resume

¹General Information ◼︎ Read the job ad carefully. ◼︎ Always tailor your resume to the job in question. ◼︎ Use an online resume builder instead of a text editor, or start out with a resume template. ◼︎ Use verifiable metrics wherever possible because hard numbers catch the eye of recruiters. ◼︎ Focus only on the […]

Download This Remote Work Cheat Sheet Bundle for Free!

Do you work remotely? You are section of a escalating local community! And possibilities are you’re constantly wanting to increase your remote work setup. To aid you with that, we’ve arrive up with a totally free cheat sheet bundle covering top remote work apps like Asana and Slack. Polish Your Remote Workflow In this remote […]

The Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Teams is one of Slack’s top competitors and has exploded in popularity of late. Once you get past its confusing sign-up process, Teams proves to be a robust solution for hosting your virtual office. Its free tier includes unlimited messages, audio/video calling features, and screen sharing. You’ll also find real-time integration with Office Online apps […]

The Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Desktop

With a steep rise in remote working all over the world, the video conferencing tool Zoom is gaining users rapidly. It enables teams to organize and conduct online meetings with ease. If you use Zoom for remote communication, the cheat sheet below can be of great help. It contains keyboard shortcuts to help you use the […]

Asana Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Task Management

Asana is one of the best apps for project management. It’s a great functional way to organize your work and stay on top of projects, goals, and tasks. If you use this free web-based app for collaborative task management at work, the cheat sheet below is a must-have. It lists various keyboard shortcuts that will […]

The HTML Essentials Cheat Sheet: Tags, Attributes, and More

Basic Tags <html> … </html> The first and last tag of an HTML document. All other tags lie between these opening and closing tags. <head> … </head> Specifies the collection of metadata for the document. <title> … </title> Describes the title for the page and shows up in the browser’s title bar. <body> … </body> […]

100+ Effective Tips for Saving Money

Banking, Bills, and Payments ■ Set up automatic transfer of money from every paycheck to a savings account. ■ Avoid ATM withdrawals that will cost you fees. ■ Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees. ■ Stash away money from windfalls and refunds instead of spending it. ■ Declutter subscriptions and memberships often. […]

Controls and Tips to Know

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular games out there—with the free-to-play shooter available across PC, console, and even mobile platforms. But with a game this complex, it can be a bit intimidating to jump right in, especially when it has undergone a major overhaul. (Season 11 was the first season following the […]

The Essential SQL Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Query Commands SELECT Basic query building block to retrieve data. SELECT * Using * with SELECT returns all columns. SELECT column Specify exact columns with their name. SELECT table.column Reference a column from a specific table. FROM Specify where to find data. AS Temporarily alias a table name or column to a new name. WHERE […]