As Good as a Real Kindle?

Forget carrying publications around in your bag. Never fret about ereaders. You don’t require a Kindle when you have a smartphone in your pocket. Due to the fact the Kindle application works really nicely. With that in intellect, here’s how to read through publications with the Kindle application for Android and iOS. How Can You […]

The 8 Best Board Game Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you try to remember what it was like right before the internet existed? We used to have to study newspapers to find out about current affairs, use landline telephones to chat with our buddies, and go to bodily shops to acquire things. We also experienced to perform board video games to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, people […]

The 5 Best Gratitude Journal Apps for iPhone Users

Preserving a gratitude journal can end result in increased ranges of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and electricity. Those are values we can all be grateful for. Historically, gratitude journals are retained employing pen and paper notebooks. Even so, there are also a number of properly-crafted digital gratitude journals for iOS. These allow for you to […]

5 Great Options in 2020

Flagship smartphones have become more experimental to stand out from the competition. Foldable screens, multiple cameras, and improved specifications, unfortunately, also increase the price. Advertisement The good news is that formerly premium features are making their way to cheaper phones. There’s a broad range of affordable smartphones that’ll keep you up to date without breaking […]

Is FaceTime Not Working? 15 Potential Fixes to Try

When FaceTime works, it’s marvelous: you can video call your friends and family with perfect clarity. But when FaceTime isn’t working, there are so many potential problems that it’s difficult to know how to fix it. We’ve pulled together all the best ways to fix FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Start at the […]

Google Lens Can Now Copy and Paste Handwritten Notes

Google has additional a amount of new capabilities to Google Lens. The headline feature allows you duplicate and paste handwritten notes from your cellphone to your personal computer. You can also master how to pronounce new words and phrases and speedily appear up new concepts. What Is Google Lens? For the uninitiated, Google Lens is […]

How to Clean Your Dirty iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

When your iPhone goes everywhere with you, it’s likely to pick up some dirt along the way. There’s only so much wiping the screen with your sleeve will achieve. Your phone is potentially a health hazard and needs cleaning. Quick Links However, you need to take care when cleaning your iPhone. You can’t just use […]

7 Fun Mobile Games Which Let You Explore the World

These times, it is secure to say that most of us are craving some escapism. Regardless of whether you’re trapped indoors, trying to find journey, or simply just determined to go travelling, a person of the greatest strategies to explore the planet is via gaming. With that in brain, here are some entertaining mobile game […]

3 Ways to Block Your Number and Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone or Android

In some cases you really do not want to chance allowing your cell phone variety drop into the completely wrong palms. You could be generating get the job done-connected calls, reaching out to someone on Craigslist, or calling a business you aren’t confident whether or not to belief or not. In these situations, you must […]