How to Tether Any Smartphone to Linux for Mobile Internet

Laptops are invariably restricted to Wi-Fi only connections desktop desktops in no way have constructed-in cellular world wide web. But what if you have to have to get your Linux computer system on-line but have no wireless or Ethernet community? The remedy is tethering. With a smartphone you can share your cellular world wide web […]

How to Close Unresponsive Chromebook Apps

Have a frozen app that is locking up your Chromebook? If you were being on Home windows, you’d almost certainly press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and use the Endeavor Supervisor to close it down. But how do you close applications on your Chromebook? Thankfully, it’s not difficult to force-close applications on your Chromebook. We’ll […]

Risking Your Privacy Is More Fun Than the Librem 5

Our verdict of the Purism Librem 5 :With a solid operating system and privacy-focused hardware kill switches, the Librem 5 is bulkier than expected and eats through battery. While the philosophy behind the phone is sound, Librem 5 is unlikely to be picked up by anyone other than Linux users and privacy advocates.510 Smartphones deliver […]

How to Install Linux on a Chromebook

Did you know you can run Linux on your Chromebook? Installing a traditional Linux environment on your Chromebook is a quick and easy way to unlock your machine’s true potential and improve its functionality. Because the Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system, users can install an alternative Linux environment and get a fully-fledged Linux […]

The 12 Best Linux Desktop Environments

You can tell whether a screenshot is Windows or Mac from a mile away, and that’s because both commercial operating systems only have one desktop environment. Windows has the Start Menu and the Taskbar, while macOS has its iconic Dock and Menu Bar. But search for Linux and you’ll see images that look strikingly different […]

7 Things That Ubuntu Does Better Than Windows

Home windows 10 is a terrific operating system. As the latest model of Microsoft’s flagship solution, it is the most preferred operating system globally, across house and business enterprise users. That does not necessarily mean it is the very best option for you, even though. You may have listened to about the Linux operating system, […]

8 Key Operating System Differences, Explained

Linux started as a enthusiasm task to make an operating procedure that anybody could use or tinker with as they wished. This was how desktops have been in advance of businesses like Apple and Microsoft locked them down. But you necessary to be a committed and complex person to make use of Linux again then. […]

Install Ubuntu on Your Computer Using a USB Flash Drive

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux functioning process accessible now. It is relied on by enterprises all-around the planet and is most people’s 1st Linux working experience. Regardless of whether you’re looking to change from Windows to Ubuntu, setting up a new personal computer, or creating a digital machine, you will need to have to […]

How to Build a Cheap Android PC With Inexpensive Parts

Discovering how to make your individual low cost Android Computer system, pill, or mobile phone from scratch necessitates areas. Sad to say, Android was not intended for desktop or laptop computer pcs so you are going to have issues getting fully appropriate areas. This report covers the functioning devices and hardware essential to make two […]