How to Back Up Your Website Through SSH Command Line

Backing up your web site or website can be an highly-priced and arduous undertaking, necessitating a wide variety of plugins, or further designs from your internet hosting provider—but it does not have to be, seriously. If you have SSH obtain to your web site, then it’s easy to carry out different large-level responsibilities remotely. Here’s […]

The HTML Essentials Cheat Sheet: Tags, Attributes, and More

Basic Tags <html> … </html> The first and last tag of an HTML document. All other tags lie between these opening and closing tags. <head> … </head> Specifies the collection of metadata for the document. <title> … </title> Describes the title for the page and shows up in the browser’s title bar. <body> … </body> […]

The Essential SQL Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Query Commands SELECT Basic query building block to retrieve data. SELECT * Using * with SELECT returns all columns. SELECT column Specify exact columns with their name. SELECT table.column Reference a column from a specific table. FROM Specify where to find data. AS Temporarily alias a table name or column to a new name. WHERE […]

The Best HTML Text Editors for Your Mac

A fantastic textual content editor is essential for any person who wants to construct sites or get into coding. If you’re a Mac consumer, you have acquired a big variety of choices in this subject. In this tutorial, we’ll consider a glimpse at the ideal free HTML textual content editors for Mac, as perfectly as […]

6 Awesome No-Code Resources to Build Apps and Websites Without Programming

The no-code motion is having the world wide web by storm. If you want to find out how to develop apps, sites, and electronic solutions devoid of any coding expertise, this is wherever to start. The notion driving the no-code motion is to enable non-engineers to develop a excellent solution. These are specialised tools to […]

What is Pseudocode and How Does it Make You a Better Developer?

Affiliate Disclosure: By purchasing the products we suggest, you support continue to keep the web-site alive. Read more. When you to start with start to find out to program there are numerous items to study prior to you establish your to start with app. Thinking like a programmer will help you split down challenges into […]

How to Build a Basic Web Crawler to Pull Information From a Website

Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the site alive. Read more. Programs that read information from websites, or web crawlers, have all kinds of useful applications. You can scrape for stock information, sports scores, text from a Twitter account, or pull prices from shopping websites. Writing these web crawling programs […]