3 Ways to Block Your Number and Hide Your Caller ID on iPhone or Android

In some cases you really do not want to chance allowing your cell phone variety drop into the completely wrong palms. You could be generating get the job done-connected calls, reaching out to someone on Craigslist, or calling a business you aren’t confident whether or not to belief or not. In these situations, you must […]

Risking Your Privacy Is More Fun Than the Librem 5

Our verdict of the Purism Librem 5 :With a solid operating system and privacy-focused hardware kill switches, the Librem 5 is bulkier than expected and eats through battery. While the philosophy behind the phone is sound, Librem 5 is unlikely to be picked up by anyone other than Linux users and privacy advocates.510 Smartphones deliver […]

60+ Essential Tips and Warnings

Companies and governments are spying on you all over the internet and beyond. We have all kinds of tips to help you reclaim your privacy online! Quick Links Every year, we lose a little bit more of what little online privacy we have left. Our activities are tracked from site to site, and it doesn’t […]

5 Common Social Media Privacy Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Social media and privacy just really don’t go alongside one another. But just for the reason that you use social media doesn’t indicate you just cannot have an on the internet daily life and some degree of privacy. Some of you might truly feel that privacy and social media just really don’t go alongside one […]

How to See the Exact Time Your WhatsApp Message Was Read

It’s easy to locate out if your WhatsApp message was go through many thanks to the checkmarks together with every message. Even so, did you know you can also check the time on WhatsApp messages to see when the other particular person noticed them? In this posting, we’ll demonstrate you how to check the WhatsApp […]

How to Turn On and Off Your Phone’s Flashlight

However you could not use the flashlight on your telephone every single working day, it’s indispensable when you need it. But how do you flip on the flashlight on your smartphone? We’re listed here to enable. We’ll demonstrate you how to flip on and off your flashlight making use of many methods. Android buyers have […]