How Power Outages Can Damage Your Computer (And How to Protect It)

Your Computer depends on a reliable stream of electricity to remain on—but occasionally, your mains provide may perhaps not be so responsible. If you stay in a community prone to outages, you may possibly be pondering: can a electricity outage damage a Computer, and what can you do to defend on your own from its […]

CVS and UPS team up for drone deliveries to retirees amid outbreak – GeekWire

A UPS Flight Ahead drone designed by Matternet carries a bundle with a CVS pharmacy in the track record. (UPS Photo) UPS’ drone subsidiary and the CVS pharmacy chain say they’ll begin delivering prescription medicines to the nation’s largest retirement local community following month, employing Matternet’s M2 drone shipping program. The company, accepted by the […]

Are Surge Protectors Necessary? Here’s What They Really Do

Men and women in some cases confuse surge protectors with electrical power strips, but they are two very unique technologies. It is critical to understand the big difference, as only just one of them will shield your units from a electrical power spike! Let us explore what a surge protector does and how it functions. […]